03 December, 2008

Coffee Sleeve

I have been working on Christmas presents. I thought that reusable coffee sleeves would be a great idea. Then I was in Hancock fabrics & found the coffee bean fabric. The inside is the fabric that the pocket is made from. In between the two layers is insulation batting. I made the first one & then thought it would be cool to actually put a pocket on the sleeve to hold a Starbucks coffee card. I now have about 10 more of these to make. Aren't they cool! (or should I say hot!) This is the small cup, they also fit the largest cup.

I have been working on my sewing and beading projects. I just haven't been taking pictures or writing on my blog. I need to change that. Whether anyone reads this or not, it is a great place for me to document that I've actually accomplished something!

If you want directions for this coffee sleeve, e-mail me. I put together directions for myself for next time I need to make a bunch of these.


Laura said...

That's a really neat idea. Did you make up the pattern yourself?

Laura Sullivan

Diane Lithgow said...

I love the coffee sleeve and would love to have the pattern if you are able
My sister in law in San francisco always has a coffee when she goes to work so she would love one for her birthday.
PS i can't wait to see the rest of your butterflies.

diane lithgow, new zealand