16 November, 2010

30 Days 30 Lines-Day 2

OK, some of these I've done on the same day but I'm not sure that I will get to it every day but I figured if I can do 30 pages, I will have done well.

I was concerned that looking at Melanie's drawings & other people's drawings that I might be too influenced by them to be able to come up with something original. I figured that was OK because sometimes the best way to learn something new, to feel comfortable in what you are doing & to find your own voice is to copy what others have done before you until you feel comfortable. I needn't have worried as I'm starting to feel that I am finding my own.

I actually love this piece. It just came to me & it is all the same type of line - just different lengths and directions.

Excuse the fingers but the book wouldn't lay straight!

Draw a line-1

I loved Melanie's class so much that when she gave a challenge on her blog to draw 30 lines for 30 days I thought why not. She is doing hers on fabric but as I will be traveling soon, I decided to do mine in a small moleskin journal (you can't beat a moleskin).

Now, I am not a drawer although Melanie keeps insisting that anyone can do it. I'm starting to believe her. Her line drawings are turning into works of art. I'm still sticking with one type of line per drawing but it is coming together very nicely for me. I will come up with an idea and I just have to draw it. I am challenging myself, trying something new. I've always wanted to draw & be better at it. I know it is practice. I've been lazy.

But my Dad was a great artist. Why can't some of those genes have come through to me?

So, here is my first page. I'm using Pitt pens at the moment and oh, they write so beautifully!

Been awhile

OK, yes, it has been awhile. So much has happened over the last few months & most of the time I just wanted to crawl into myself. But I've started trying to work more & it is helping. There is light on the other side.

At the end of August I took a workshop at Create It! with Melanie Testa. She is a fantastic teacher & every time I think of journaling, things she said in class come to mind. I'm finally getting there. It is all about layers but learning out to put those layers together in a way that works - I'm working on it. I'm also realizing that I need to find my voice. Not other people's voices. What works for others does not necessarily work for me but if I keep trying, I will find it.

I finally finished my journal page I did in her class. Took a bit & I couldn't quite figure out how to get it to come together but I finally got there. That is not to say that I won't make additions but for my first piece, I think it is not bad.