12 August, 2007


I have been working on a beading sampler while doing my other work. The idea is to do a sample of the different stitches that I'm using on my circles & monthly projects so that if I get stuck for an idea as to what to do, I have something to refer to. This is the same concept of what I did in Robin Atkins beading workshop except on a larger scale. So far this is what I have done:


I have a backing of legal size acid free paper. When I get a little more done, I will post a full picture of the sheet. I love the colours of this piece of fabric as they are truly my colours :)

10 August, 2007

Circle 2

This circle represents my daughter & she knows it :) She even told me what colours I needed to add. My daughter loves dolphins which is why I chose the dolphin fabric. I also beaded part of this while I was in Hong Kong with her, using some sequences that I picked up in Sham Sui Po. I am not sure if I have finished it yet so I'm letting it mule in my mind. I wanted to try the barnacle beading so I was thrilled to have a piece of fabric where I could try that.

I'm still learning the process of bead embroidery. I am far from perfect with my stitching but I am improving. On the other hand, can perfection every be obtained? Maybe my misaligned stitches give the piece it's own charm. Who is really to say the way I have beaded it is right or wrong. To me it is all about the placement of the beads & every single thought of the person I was beading about that came to mind during the process. For my own self, I need to learn to be less critical of my work. As long as I love it, that's what counts!

Circle 5

This is my Circle Number 5. The numbers represent the person it refers to in my files. Again, I started with fabric that I thought would represent the person I wanted to bead about. Even the beads, Delicas, were used to show how this particular person likes to have everything lined up & in a row. I imagined them trying to straigten the lines of the fabric by beading straight lines.

03 August, 2007

Circle 3

Here is my second circle that I have completed. Same process, chose a fabric that looked to me like the person this circle represents. I then chose beads that remind me of that person.

Circle 1

(Note 10 Aug - I uploaded a clearer picture of this circle)

I am beading a number of different circles, each to represent someone I know, that will be placed on a robe as part of a group I'm involved in called Women's Journeys in Fiber. The meanings involved with these are extremely personal so I have to be careful about putting too much detail about why I did certain things on these piece so as not to give it away as to who the piece represents. As I am new to this process, I'm also wanting to try different things.

For each of the pieces that I am working on, I chose a piece of fabric that, to me, represented the person that I was going to bead about. I thought about who they are, what their likes & dislikes are, little things about them that I notice. I then started placing beads that I thought represented them. With every single bead I placed, I thought about the person that I was "beading" about.

I have already finished another one of these & I'm closing to finishing another 2. As soon as I get the pictures taken, I will get them posted.