10 August, 2007

Circle 2

This circle represents my daughter & she knows it :) She even told me what colours I needed to add. My daughter loves dolphins which is why I chose the dolphin fabric. I also beaded part of this while I was in Hong Kong with her, using some sequences that I picked up in Sham Sui Po. I am not sure if I have finished it yet so I'm letting it mule in my mind. I wanted to try the barnacle beading so I was thrilled to have a piece of fabric where I could try that.

I'm still learning the process of bead embroidery. I am far from perfect with my stitching but I am improving. On the other hand, can perfection every be obtained? Maybe my misaligned stitches give the piece it's own charm. Who is really to say the way I have beaded it is right or wrong. To me it is all about the placement of the beads & every single thought of the person I was beading about that came to mind during the process. For my own self, I need to learn to be less critical of my work. As long as I love it, that's what counts!


Exuberant Color said...

I used to think there was a "right" way for everything, and then I was in a class with a bunch of people who had no idea how to sew their creation together. They just winged it and the way they did it became part of the uniqueness of the art they made. It is nice to know techniques and know when to just do it your own way anyway.

The Lone Beader said...

You're not alone. For me, bead embroidery is a constant learning process=:)