30 August, 2008

Happy Labor Day

Yes, I know it is early but I'm up early and had a minute to type. I have pictures to add but I now have a new computer. Actually it is my son's older computer but it was better than the one I had so I'm taking it over. But it is an Alienware computer. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a great computer but one more designed for gaming. Hence, they don't seem to think that camera card readers are necessary :) I have to wait until I can get a card reader for it, which is not a problem. See they have this really cool 7in1 card reader that also has a floppy disk drive. Why would I need a floppy disk drive? Turns out some of the computer programmes that I'm using are that old!

So have a great long weekend. I'm spending it by reinstalling all of my computer programmes. But the best thing is that 2 of my programmes that I use every day on my laptop because they wouldn't work on the desktop, now work on the desktop! Yeah!!!!!

22 August, 2008

Returning to Normal?

OK, it has been awhile. I have been here, quietly working away but my life has not been my own. All three kids graduated in May/June and my parents were here from Australia for that. Then my husband was home for the summer. Now the kids have all returned to school, including my youngest who we dropped off at college for his freshman year. That was a tough one.

But I'm all ready to get back into sewing, beading, painting, working, etc. The North Suburban NeedleArts Guild is participating in the Fine Art of Fiber show coming up soon. We were asked to create a 5" square to be attached with other 5" squares that will be displayed as an example of the type of work that we do. Here is my entry.