16 February, 2010

Green Craft

A few months ago I sent in a garment made out of dryer sheets to be considered for the magazine Green Craft. Today I found out that I have a 2 page spread in the magazine! I can't wait to see a copy. If you are in the States, check it out.

07 February, 2010

A Year A Day

I may not be real good about getting a blog post every day but I have been good about posting to my flickr account a photo a day for 2010.

Check out my pictures here.

I will try to start posting them here as well. Here is the latest picture that I had posted.I'm at Port Macquarie NSW at the moment and the pelicans are here! I love them! This is just one of the many photos that I took.

January BJP

This is the beginning of my BJP for 2010. It will be placed on the front of a small journal for me to write thoughts & happenings for the month. As I am in Australia this January instead of cold Chicago, I decided to try to blend these two differences together by starting with the yellow of the sun above and blending into the snow at the bottom.