30 August, 2008

Happy Labor Day

Yes, I know it is early but I'm up early and had a minute to type. I have pictures to add but I now have a new computer. Actually it is my son's older computer but it was better than the one I had so I'm taking it over. But it is an Alienware computer. For those of you who don't know what that is, it is a great computer but one more designed for gaming. Hence, they don't seem to think that camera card readers are necessary :) I have to wait until I can get a card reader for it, which is not a problem. See they have this really cool 7in1 card reader that also has a floppy disk drive. Why would I need a floppy disk drive? Turns out some of the computer programmes that I'm using are that old!

So have a great long weekend. I'm spending it by reinstalling all of my computer programmes. But the best thing is that 2 of my programmes that I use every day on my laptop because they wouldn't work on the desktop, now work on the desktop! Yeah!!!!!

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