03 August, 2007

Circle 1

(Note 10 Aug - I uploaded a clearer picture of this circle)

I am beading a number of different circles, each to represent someone I know, that will be placed on a robe as part of a group I'm involved in called Women's Journeys in Fiber. The meanings involved with these are extremely personal so I have to be careful about putting too much detail about why I did certain things on these piece so as not to give it away as to who the piece represents. As I am new to this process, I'm also wanting to try different things.

For each of the pieces that I am working on, I chose a piece of fabric that, to me, represented the person that I was going to bead about. I thought about who they are, what their likes & dislikes are, little things about them that I notice. I then started placing beads that I thought represented them. With every single bead I placed, I thought about the person that I was "beading" about.

I have already finished another one of these & I'm closing to finishing another 2. As soon as I get the pictures taken, I will get them posted.

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Exuberant Color said...

That is just beautiful. I really like the different types of beads in the sections. How big are these circles?