17 December, 2008

BJP September Done!

Well, it is finally done! I could say that I'm all up to date & that I just haven't taken the pictures yet but then that would be robbing myself of my process. My problem was I had this idea in my head & I kept mulling it over & over & over. I wasn't sure it was going to work but until I had the time to actually sit down & figure it out, it would haunt my mind.

I have been extremely busy traveling, making Christmas gifts, having family home, etc. but yesterday I forced myself to finish & I'm so glad I did. I will be working through the colour wheel. Along with this I am working on a small patchwork piece that will also have similar colours in it. Not sure yet that I will sew this butterfly to the patchwork piece for this month but the two will work together.

I have also been recording words that come to mind as I'm working. For September, my words are: Chinese, blood, happy, strong, favourite colour family. I'm hoping to incorporate these words somewhere in the finished piece but I will have to see.

Anyway, now that I have the process actually figured out, it will hopefully be easy to catch up. Now if I can just find a couple more hours in the day!


Marty S said...

This is just beautiful. I look forward to seeing what you produce the rest of the year.
Marty S
Crackpot Beader

heidibeads said...

I just love butterflies! At the end of the year, you'll have 12 beautifully beaded, colored ones. It will be so cool to see them all fluttering together. I like the different layers of the wings.

Robin said...

I was so pleased to see your post on the BJP blog this morning!!!

Can't believe this butterfly began with such bright, busy fabric... it's now rich and luscious! Love the dimensional quality! Also love your process and your ideas for incorporating patchwork and words with your beaded butterfly.

Yes, knowing you from last year, you will be caught up in no time... I look forward to seeing them all!

Hugs, Robin A.

Mary Timme said...

If there is one thing I have to relearn with each piece it is how individual each one insists on being. I'm happy with my almost finished one, but don't be surprised if each one hangs up in a different way. Mine usually do and sometimes I don't know what they are until I'm done. Weird, but then it is a process for a reason!

I think it looks beautiful! Rich, lush and bold and daring!

pam T said...

Cindy - this is incredibly striking and beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more!

MizDenise said...