21 September, 2007

Silver Belle

I have started a new knitting project. It is one of the Vogue Knitting Silver Anniversary patterns called Silver Belle. I could not find enough of the Debbie Bliss yarn in a colour I liked so I'm using Louisa Harding instead. I have joined a knitalong group that will hopefully not only be helpful to me but somewhere where I can help others learn from the mistakes I know I'm going to make :) I decided to start on the sleeve to get myself going. For the sleeve I only have to cast on 66 stitches. For the starting place where the pattern suggests, I have to cast on 428 stitches. I thought I would slowly work into this project :)

I have never knitted something with so many cables. I tend to knit simplier patterns using some of the fantastic yarns with lots of colours that you can get these days. So this will be a nice challenge. I have a lot of flying coming up in the next few weeks & I thought this would be a nice project to work on. Lots of uninterupted time!


Virtuous said...

So glad you joined us on the KAL!! :op

judy coates perez said...

I love the color you chose! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

I am finally getting close to the top of the peplum. It gets a lot faster when you get to the row with just cable twists near the top. I found my gauge to be pretty big using the size 8 needles, so i am knitting the peplum size small with size 8's and then switching to 6's and knitting the size medium for the top. I hope it works ^_^