05 May, 2013

I finished the cape from the Craftsy.com Entrelac class. I used the yarn that the pattern was written for: Twisted Fiber Art - Queen Evolution. It is a beautiful yarn to work with and I would highly recommend it! It was like knitting with butter! But if you are making this cape, make sure that you don't change your mind after you order the yarn on the size you are making. I originally was going to make a medium but then, after ordering the yarn, changed my mind to a small. This yarn is dyed to order in one of the colourways that they offer. After getting most of the cape knitted, I realized that if I continued the pattern as written, I would not get a lot of the orange colour at the top of the cape, so instead of doing two rounds of double decreases, I did 4 rounds of single decreases. This made the cape a little longer & allowed me to get more of the orange colour into the cape.

I love working with entrelac and have already designed a couple of projects I'm working on. 

I also absolutely LOVE!!!! the yarn and I'm trying to figure out how I can make a coat or jacket using this yarn. Maybe learning how to do steeks is in my future!  

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