13 January, 2013

For 2013 I am working with a friend on a journal page a week. Each month we will choose a theme & work within that theme. These pieces do not have to be big, works of art or labor intensive - unless we choose them to be. They are a way to work on a new technique or to practice an old technique that needs work. They are for fun. Here is my piece for the first week of January.
I created a 5"x7" frame so that I can "frame" my pieces. Here I was practicing free motion. You would think that circles are easy. They are not! It was fun working on this. Now to go finish my second weeks piece.

I also finished a knitted hat yesterday. I make a bunch of these throughout the year and give them to a friend in December who gives them to the shelters with Christmas gifts. It feels good to be getting a head start on them.

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