25 March, 2010

BJP 2010 January

I have now almost finalized my January 2010 Bead Journal Project piece. I was in Australia for January where it was summer while being winter back in my home in Chicago. I wanted to show that here between the sun & the snow.

I have a question. The journal has a rough edge to it with almost a plastic feel although it is paper. The bead work has been mounted on an interfacing which is about 1/8" think. I decided to frame the work by putting a piece of ultra suede behind it. I really like the way it looks. At the moment these are just sitting on top of one another. Obviously I have to attach it somehow. I was thinking of using E6000 glue. Can anyone see why that would not work? I would use the glue to attach the stiff interfacing to the ultra suede. Once that is try use the same glue to attach it to the journal.

Suggestions? Any other options? I had thought about sewing the beadwork to an ultrasude band that I then slip over the cover but I do like the look of the framing.

All suggestions or comments appreciated. Thanks


Anonymous said...

How prettey, and it does indeed give the snow vs. sun feeling. I love what you did with the sequins in the snow. I'm not good at attaching thing to each other, only know from reading Robin A's books that she never uses glue for anything. However, that's a very personal choice, and sometimes it seems to make the most sense. Good luck with that.

Melody said...

I have used E6000 to attach cabs to ultra suede. However, for attaching a backing to a piece I usually do a 3 bead picot along the entire perimeter of the piece, which provides asweet little frame for the piece and prevents the possibility of bumps and puckers that you can get sometimes with glue.

JoTee said...

Love the beaded piece, yeah for Australia, brrr to cold weather back in the USA.

I would probably attach the beaded piece to a piece of fabric, then stitch or glue the piece onto the cover. Just my thoughts.

Robin said...

Hi Cindy... I left a comment on Flickr about this piece... didn't guess the two continent meaning (duh). Love this! As all your work, you have such a gift for telling story with design.

E6000 drives me crazy. I am so sensitive to the smell that I can't be around people who have used it to glue cabs to ultrasuede without starting to sneeze. Actually, I probably would sew the beading to the ultrasuede and then glue the ultrasuede to the journal using PVA, which is an acid-free, scent-free bookbinder's glue. You can probably find it at Michaels or Dick Blick on line. Coat both the ultrasuede and the surface of the journal with it... thin coating!... and let it dry for a couple of minutes until it feels tacky on your finger. Then apply the beading to the book, cover it with a tripple layer of towel, and put some weight on top of that (stack of books or canned goods). Don't peek for at least 12 hours. It should work like a charm!

Hugs, Robin A.

Sharon M said...
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Sharon M said...

First off, I think your Journal Cover is absolutely beautiful! It conveys the snow and sun exactly as you wanted and it is not overly done.
Having done a similar project in the past (and I work with fabric a lot) I can tell you that glue will indeed make the ultrasuede pucker. You could try an iron on interfacing of some sort (like Wonder Under); attaching the ultrasuede to the journal and then gluing the beaded piece to the ultrasuede. The problem is that the edges of the ultrasuede will eventually lift if you use a bonding agent of any kind. Your best bet is to make a journal cover out of the black ultrasuede and then, using a picot stitch with beads as Melody suggested, attach the beaded piece to the journal.

Can't wait to see your next pieces!

Marty S said...

This is a really nice page. I like the contrast between the sun and snow.

I'm not a glue person. But I haven't quite figured out what to do with my pieces either. Last year's completed BJP pages are in a drawer...

Marty S
Crackpot Beader