18 June, 2009

BJP September

For all of you who think you are way behind, I'm here to make you feel good! :) I have FINALLY totally completed my September piece. I have been working on other months but they are not in that "final, post on the web, show to the world" stage.

My goal/theme/journaling has been about colours & how they make me feel and the things that come to mind when I'm working on these colours. As I've been beading my butterflies I have been writing down these words and thoughts. For some words they may not make sense to others but they do for me.

If you had seen earlier posts, you would note that I was originally going to put these butterflies onto a patchwork background. I loved working with the patchwork and pulling out all of the fabrics to give me all the colours of the rainbow was just a joy! But when it came to completing the piece, I just couldn't get the words conveyed that I wanted, plus the butterflies were disappearing into the background. I like this format. Yes, I'm very visual with the words but I like that.

Here is a close-up of the butterfly.

I have also been working on other projects this past year and decided to continue with my theme of colours; the things that pop to mind when I look at a colour, or how different colours make me feel about different things. I will try to start getting some of these things posted. I know, I've been slack about posting. sorry.

I have more butterflies to add but I still have handwork to get done. Now that I know how I'm going to finish off the pieces, I'm rolling them out. Once I get the handwork finished for the edges, I will post more of these.

So, if you are behind, you can't be as far behind as me! But I'm catching up quickly! :)

Oh, and I love the idea of doing a new project. I already know what I'm going to do. Make journal covers for each month and use the journal to write my thoughts for the month, using it from year to year. I thought it would be interesting to see how my thoughts during a particular month change from year to year, particuarly when the first 3 months of next year I will be in Australia! Who knows where I will be the following year during those same months.


Robin said...

OMG, Cindy! It's so great to have you back! I'm terrible about visiting blogs unless they've posted a link on one of the BJP blogs... Now I've just read all the way back to your first post about BJB a half a year ago. It is thrilling to catch up with you, see your food-coloring-dyed yarn, HK pictures (including that handsome husband of yours), your beautiful whole cloth painting and red-to-yellow spiral felt piece. Thanks also for the tip about the fine-line painting pen from Michaels. Is that what you used to write the words on your butterfly piece? Which brings me back around, full circle... Great decision you made about how to show your butterflies and words! I'm jazzed to see more as you finish them! Big hugs, Robin

KV said...

Not to worry, Cindy -- I think I am farther behind than you are at the moment!

I love this red piece -- it just sings!!!

Kathy V in NM

Cindy said...

I used the computer to print the words onto fabric but using that ink pen would be a good way to supplement the words. I have been trying to learn how to use my Adobe programmes better so by my August piece, maybe my words will be real fancy! :)

pam T said...

ooo this is lovely! And i think your idea for the next BJP is wonderful - what fun it will be to have a separate beautiful beaded journal for each month! great idea!
the pics of the poppies - OMG, gorgeous!!!!

Mary Timme said...

I like this a lot. Good work!