13 October, 2008

Where does the time go!!!

Where does the time go! I took this photo of half of my September butterfly before I left Chicago for Hong Kong. This trip to Hong Kong was going to be the first time since I left in 1992 that I had been in HK for 3 weeks! I should have plenty of time, right? Wrong! I leave here in 2 days and I have not done 75% of what I wanted to do! I was going to try & blog every day about my trip and it just didn't happen! Next time.

I do have some pictures of Hong Kong on Picaso I will try to get more up later.

But for the moment here is half of my September Butterfly. the colours are better than what they are showing here, I hope. I'm working from a tablet laptop at the moment and the screen colours are now always what I think they should be. I'm happy so far with the way this turned out. I have to do the second side and then I will have to figure out how I'm going to make it into a butterfly. I know in my mind how I want to do it but let's see how it works once I start trying to make it into a butterfly :)

It has been wonderful being in Hong Kong. I went to the Hong Kong Stitch N Bitch knitting group. I was only able to make it to one meeting but it was a wonderful group of women and I look forward to being able to knit with them again when I'm back in January (anything to avoid the cold Chicago winters!).

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