21 January, 2008

Working on January

I know I am behind with my other months but I had an idea for January & I just had to get it started! Hopefully by the end of the day it will be finished but as I have a few moments, I figured I could share so far.

It is cold & grey most of the time in January so I started with a fabric that felt like that. I then decided to do a monocromatic piece. Yes, the flowers look pink but in actual fact, in the right light they also look white. I pulled out all the beads from my white box & went to town. But this is the hardest thing to photo. The beads going around the edge are all the same, but they don't look it. They are more of a silver glow that really adds a sparkle to the whole piece.

What also makes this special is the heart shape beads on the left. A few years ago a close friend of mine died to cancer. Her husband passed onto me all her beads & buttons. As I was looking for white beads, I found the hearts in her stash & knew I had to use them.

So, I am feeling like I'm making something beautiful out of the awful cold weather we are having here in Chicago. Wow, when you get into a piece, it is hard to stop!

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