29 February, 2008


I am still here. I've been working on family history research. But I was also in San Francisco & Las Vegas with my husband. He refuses to come all the way to Chicago in the winter because of the cold. Can't blame him actually.

Anyway, I made these socks on the flights. I loved working with the yarn but I will never use it again. There was a join in each ball plus, the balls were wound different. One I had to do from the inside & one from the outside. Very disappointing as I was trying to make them match.

I am still beading. I have decided what I'm doing for February so I'll try to get that done today. I still have one more day of February! :) February is Chinese New Year & this year it is my year, being year of the rat. I will be beading something to do with that.

02 February, 2008

December Done

I am done with December although the colours of the photo are not showing quite what I want. The blue background is a really bright blue.

For me, Xmas should be when it is warm, not in cold Chicago, sitting on a beach somewhere. So I decided to bead my own Xmas tree on the beach. As I started beading this piece, I was remembering my favourite beach - Shell Beach, near Port Macquarie in NSW, Australia. I had some shells so I found a way to bead with them. Every time I look at this piece, I am reminded of my brother teaching my kids to body surf on this beach and the rocks where my eldest went fishing. The perfect beach!