28 July, 2007

July Beading

Here is my unofficial piece for July for the Bead Journal Project. I was in Hong Kong for 2 weeks during the month of July. While I was there I noticed that it looked much greener than it had in previous visits (I lived in Hong Kong from 1982-1992 & as my husband still works there, I make frequent trips back). Because I felt things were green, I chose a green fabric. On this last trip I was also able to see the mountains clearly on a couple of days. This is a rare occasion now because of the amount of pollution in Hong Kong.

I chose things that meant something to me. The frog stands for a friend of mine who is Hong Kong who loves frogs. The Pacific Coffee stopper with the red beads is my absolute favourite coffee & their stores are always boardered by red & black designs. The mask is from the Shu Bruial grounds exhibit that I saw. My daughter was also working at a place called Ocean Park as a volunteer. Her last couple of days were spent observing the brand new panda cubs, hence the pandas.

I am still learning how to work with bead embroidery so my pieces are not perfect but they are getting there. I have a couple of other pieces that I've already started.

June Beading

At the end of June, I took a workshop from Robin Atkins at Summer Seminar for the North Suburban NeedleArts Guild. She is running a Bead Journal Project on the web which started at the beginning of June. Unfortunately I was too late to sign up for the project so I am "unofficially" taking part in it. Here is my first project ever that I have done using beaded embroidery. I am hooked! I'm absolutely loving this process!

I took a fabric which I absolutely loved which happened to be a Chinese brocade with dragons on it. I started with the Chinese coin & worked from there. The number 8 is very important in the Chinese culture as it is supposed to bring luck. So, wherever possible, things were added or worked in multiples of 8.